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  I have had an interest in photography from my early teens.  I started taking black & white images, processing and printing the film and pictures in my home darkroom, using some borrowed equipment.  For colour images, I preferred  to use transparency film which was easy to develop with minimal equipment, using a dark bag, development tank and development chemicals.


  I always took the view that images should be enjoyed by as many people as possible, rather than just being filed away in a draw.  I therefore started freelancing publishing my images together with related articles in various magazines.  In the late 1980's I also became the official photographer for the "Jersey Journal" which was a fortnightly campaigning paper.  I thoroughly enjoyed my time at the paper and had the opportunity to do things and go places which one would not normally be able to do.  During this time I also had numerous images published in books.


   I am a Chartered Building Surveyor & Valuer and now most of my professional photography work relates to documenting building defects all of which cannot be published.  


    With the advent of digital photography and the ability to publish images on the net has not only rekindled my interest in photography it also gives me the ability to share the images which I love to create.


    In addition to taking photographs of building defects, I also enjoy taking architecture, marine, sport, landscape, abstract and lifestyle  photography some of which is published on this website.  Some of the marine images are taken from my boat a 27ft sport boat which provides an ideal platform for larger boats and yachts.        .





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