This site is all about Videos, Photographs, Boating and Galley Kitchen Cooking Interests.

I currently have three YoutTube channels.  GP Pictures is a general channel which has varying video/time lapse content, but mainly boating videos of the sea and canals both in the Channel Island and France.

GP Production is a review channel which mainly reviews various products that I own and have tested for a period of time. I will show the product and give my view on the product both the positive aspects and my view on any short falls.

The Galley Kitchen channel is focused on the production of great food which can be cooked in a small galley kitchen with limited facilities.

This site aims to provide addition comment, content and images to add to the experience of my videos posted on YouTube.

In addition I have the Captain’s Log section which is a general blog on my thoughts and also updates relating to our boat Sundance.  This section also covers works and general maintenance to our vessel as well as additional images and video clips which don’t go on YouTube.

The products page provides addition information about various products which I use and also products which have been reviewed for YouTube. There are links to view the products on Amazon (Amazon Affiliate).

Please help to support this blog and the making of videos by shopping at Amazon through one of my links, it does not cost you any more and I get a small commission.  You don’t have to purchase the item I am featuring just go to Amazon through any one of my links acquire anything you want and I still get a very small commission at no extra cost to you.  Thank You for your support.

While the site is currently partly under construction and I am regularly adding content to catch up on the videos I have already posted on YouTube,  you are welcome to check out the written posts to date. Please feel free to comment as I am happy to hear from you.

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