Sundance – Mast Up Date 2 September 2018

Sundance is now in total disarray……

So since my last up date regarding the mast I have started to wire up the mast.  I probably should have started to clean up the Sticaflex, but I need an new very sharp knife to do the job and I have not acquired such an knife yet.

We had just returned back from a trip to the UK leaving Sundance behind and taking the ferry with the Land Rover to visit family. We were just intending to meet up with the contractor who is going to replace our covers, however we ended up not only meeting the contractor, but I ended up statrting the wriring job after a very good breakfast at the Yach Club.

One of my conserns was that the hole in the mast for the Garmin Heading senser was not going to be big enough for the data cable.  It transpired that it was just big enough.  While I only intended to fit the heading senser only, I then decided to fit the radar dome which ment fitting the horn first.  You can see where this is going……

I ended up also fitting the, anchor light, the deck lights and the VHF aerial.   There are a number of items which still require fitting including the stern and steaming lights and the Raymarine heading senser.  I still need to do some research on the NavTex antenna as I don’t think that I can fit the origianal one as expected which meens that I am going to have a problem in where to fit the new antenna as the mast has not been designed with a plate to take a new antenna, although, I had designed the mast so I can have some additional fitttings so I should be able to sort out something.

While I am told that I can use my VHF aerial for the AIS using a splitter, I remain sceptical on this as I have read some reports which say that splitters for AIS dont work very well.  I have put an extra VHF aerial fitting on the cross tree to take a dedicated AIS aerial if required.  Other things which may be added is a television antenna and possibly a WIFI/3G Data transfer booster antenna.  We will see, the tubes which take the cables is getting rather crowded and I still have cables for solar panels to accomidate.  I can see that I may need to fit another gooseneck fitting in the coach roof which I wanted to avoide as the more holes in the coach roof means the possibility of leaks increasedin .



I will do a quick update once I have fitted the remaining items.

The next problem is going to be fishing through the cables to the joint bosex to make everything works properly.  Then tackling the removal of the existing radar arch and installing a new frame and new covers both over the helm area and over the stern decking.


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