Sundance – Replacement Internal Lights

At the same time as fitting the new mast I have also been replacing the internal light fittings.

The old halogen light fittings were temperamental and would only work intermittently due to the push in connection. The halogen lights are very hungry on the electic consumption.

There is very little choice of 12 volt led fittings in the island and as I need fifteen lights, I decided to acquied a number of test led lights via the internet to fit first.

As the new led light fittings are slightly larger than the old fittings. It was necessary to enlarge the existing hole with a hole saw.  However the hole saw that I have is still slightly to small and it was necessary to open the hole further with a Dremel with a sanding attachemnt.

It was then just a case of fitting in the back plate, chect the polarity of the cables, and connect. Put the light in the back plate and then push on the front trim plate.  The result is quite pleasing and the amount of electric draw is realy quite minimal.



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