Sundance ~ Fitting of Liferaft 29 July 2018

In an earlier post I hade mentioned about the problem with finding a location for the liferaft.  It had been though to fit is in the coach roof over the galley area but it was problematic to get a good fixing as the head lining does not remove easily.

The horizontal stainless steel bars are to skinny to fit the liferaft cradle.

It  was considered to place the liferaft on the transom just above the swimming platform but the canister would have been swamped by sea water every now and again, which was not considered to be a good idea.

The only other place is the stern hand rail, but the horizontal stainless steel bars are to skinny. The only other option was to remove the horizontal bars and fit thicker bars.

New horizontal bars fitted with liferaft cradle.

It has taken ages for the fabrications company to fit the new stainless steel bars.

The also fitted and extension to the hand rail at the location of the steps from the stern deck to the lower side deck.  The also removed the chain gate on the side hand rail opening and fitted a solid bar to make access and moving round the side deck area safer.

Fitted cradle and liferaft

I am pleased with the location of the liferaft.  The only thing to be mindful of is that the cradle is potentially at risk of being nocked when against a harbour or lock wall as it is a little exposed on the Starboard quarter.   It was known that this could be an issue when the cradle location was being measured.  To guard against this, the cradle was designed to be removable when on the inland waterways where a liferaft is not necessary.  The only consideration would then be where to stow the raft and cradle on Sundance.  I will consider this if necessary.

When I fitted the liferaft yesterday.  I did notice one problem which has come to light. The stern hand rail gate has opened slightly.  I think when the new rails were fitted, they were forced in position so distorting the hand rail.  I am no

Slight opening of the stern hand rail gate

t happy about this and will have to complain to the fabrication company.  It will take ages to get this sorted as they will need good weather and a hot works permit to undertake further work.  I can live with for a whole, but it is irritating to say the least.


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