Sundance – Radar Mast

Much has hapened since my post where I debated on the dilema regarding the radar arch and mast.

The mast has been completed and at the time of writing has been partly fitted. Our biggest problem has been the head lining.  It has proved near impossible to drop without causing serious damage and requiring replacing. The solution we have decided upon is to cut hatches in the lining to get access.

Access under the mast base

First we cut an access panel undre the location of the base of the mast.  We knew that there would be strengthening bars supporting the coach roof but had no idea where they were located nor which way they ran although it was probable that they would run port/starboard.  This would dictate the location of the backing plates.

Rear access opening

We were hoping to be able to fish through the cables to the junction box under the upper helm via the gap between the coach roof and the headlining once the forward access panel was opened, however this was not possible because of the steel strengthening members. It was therefore necessary to open an additional access panel arch of the saloon.

Base of mast and goose neck lined up to mark out for drilling.

Now we had a wiring route sorted out and the backing plates sorted, it was time to mark out for drilling the holes in the coach roof.


Base of mast and goose neck lined up to mark out for drilling.






Bolted down, ready to fit the mast.

I decided to drill and tap the coach roof as well as having a backing plate and nuts.  The base of the mast has been sealed with Sticaflex.


Bolted down, ready to fit the mast






The underside of the gooseneck q

A large hole was drilled for the gooseneck which will take the cables from the mast to the inside of Sundance.


The mast has now been fished. I just need to clean up the Stickaflex and fit all the nav lights, the radar, deck lights, horn, VHF aerial and heading senser. Then fish through the cables.

Next problem is to identify the location of the cable connections.

I will post again once I have fitted everything.




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